An Alternative Manifestation of Punk: 99%IS Spring/Summer SS20

An Alternative Manifestation of Punk: 99%IS Spring/Summer SS20

The name Park Jong-woo might not ring a bell, but the designer's pseudonym Bajowoo and his brand 99%IS will. Hailing from a country that produced numerous once-in-a-generation talents and icons from pop sensation G-Dragon to this year's Academy Award-winning director Bong Joon-ho, 99%IS is still arguably one of the biggest names to emerge from South Korea in recent years, and that says a lot.

For Bajowoo, his achievements seem even more impressive when you consider the route he chose to take and how he has stayed authentic to his root as his fame and audience continues to inflate. With rowdy and provocative aesthetics, 99%IS has been pushing boundaries with each and every collection. While it took the world some time to catch on, we now see celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike embracing the designer's unapologetically bold creations. Punk was a massive part of Bajowoo's upbringing, and the influence is apparent in every piece of garment from the brand. The difference-maker is the method he chose to pay homage to this inspiration, and 99%IS is very much reflective of the history and background of a genre as a whole.

While the Bajowoo has been creating garments since he was a student, the brand picked up stride in 2018 with the help of high-profile collaborations and endorsements from some of the biggest names in creative, entertainment, and sports. From Travis Scott to Odell Beckham Jr., we can find superstars rocking iconic pieces from the brand on the courtside and the red carpet alike. The signature Gobchang pants, in particular, are highly coveted, and with the arrival of SS20 from 99%IS, here's your chance to see each item in person at JUICE Causeway Bay and online here.

Scroll down to check out the Spring/Summer 2020 collection below!

Photos by: 99%IS, Samuel Fung /CLOT