Nana Ouyang Wears CLOT's Newest Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Collection

Nana Ouyang Wears CLOT's Newest Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Collection

CLOT has tapped one of the brand's closest friend and family Nana Ouyang, for an editorial shot in Shanghai. The creative is featured showcasing the newest and upcoming pieces of CLOT's "NEW DYNASTY" Fall-Winter 2021 Collection. Referencing Chinese lifestyle and high creative energy, the collection seeks to represent traditional creative values and instill them into the upcoming generation of sleeper creatives.

The images were shot in a classic style house which is instilled with definitive woodwork and Chinese-fitted furniture like the folding screen adorned with beautiful flower imagery, symbolizing the superior craftsmanship and knowledge within the venerable. The shoot is remixed with CLOT's newest luxury-infused collection to provide a unique experience emphasizing the undertones of culture and wisdom within the clothing's grandeur; worn by one of the youth's most defining creatives in the East Nana Ouyang, as a representation of the youth's creative culture and its influence in all artistic mediums.

At the age of only 21, the Taiwan-born multi-hyphenate artist who prides herself as a singer, cello fanatic, and actress, and has already made waves in her creative journey; having appeared in many notable films including the coming of age romance film Secret Fruit, a minor role in the film Beijing Love Story and even the cyberpunk sci-fi film Bleeding Steel starring & written by Chinese action superstar Jackie Chan, and notably performing with Wiz Khalifa as a 17 year old with her impressive cellist ability.

Look 1 mixes a tuck-in short-sleeved Indefinite t-shirt with the collection's corduroy double knee black painter pants and most notably the high-vis Gradua blue trench coat with striking reflective textile. Look 2 sports a matching fleece puffer and pant combo in orange inspired by Yin and Yang motifs, the pair is crafted from high-quality material for maximum comfort. Look 3 exudes effortlessness with a remix of orange/yellow Tai Chi sweatpants, a black Death & Life hoodie instilled with an embroidered Chinese character front graphic and printed back graphic, finalized with an orange beanie from the previous look's combo.

▼ LOOK 1 

▼ LOOK 2

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Look 4 combines the stylish snakeskin patterned Chinese Pants with a Drunken Master long-sleeve t-shirt, embroidered with the brands classic red branding on the left breast and on the sleeves with added Chinese character prints in yellow, completed with the drunken master graphic on the back. Look 5 combines one of the fan favourite pieces of the collection, the stand-out panda-print puffer jacket, with the black roll-up chino pants and Hand Photoprint long-sleeved t-shirt. Look 6 puts together the Soutien Collar Coat in a stunning rose-gold beige colorway that is soft to the touch over the embroidered Tai Chi CLOT logo t-shirt tucked into the loose-fitted Carrot Pants attached with side tassels.

▼ LOOK 4

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Look 7 simply adds the stylish black painter pants with double knee padding, under a Chinese Henley long sleeved t-shirt in an olive brown. Look 8 optimises comfort adding the white Flower hoodie with floral motifs printed on the sleeves and front graphics, alongside the Chinese frog button inspired simple sweatpants in red. Look 9 the final and most stylish look, layering the Chinese shirt under the Stadium jacket both inspired by the influnetial frog buttons and traditional Chinese motifs, finalised with the simple yet stylish roll-up chino.

▼ LOOK 7

▼ LOOK 8

▼ LOOK 9 

Check out CLOT's newest Fall Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" collection available now at select JUICE locations and online at JUICESTORE.COM! Have a look below for the rest of the editorial photos of the illustrious creative Nana Ouyang!