H.W. Dog and Co - Bringing Tradition and Quality Craftsmanship Back To Hat-Making

H.W. Dog and Co - Bringing Tradition and Quality Craftsmanship Back To Hat-Making

In a world of ever-increasing mass production and machine construction, the charm of high-quality craftsmanship becomes more and more desirable. Although mass manufacturing is a more efficient process, nothing beats the attention to detail and unwavering quality of a master craftsman — this is the philosophy of Japanese hat company H.W DOG & CO.

H.W DOG & CO. believes that a golden era of hat-making existed in the 30s and 40s before mass production. During this time, refined quality was the focus. Therefore, the brand only implements traditional hat-making techniques to ensure that each hat upholds the standards of this bygone era. Materials are thoughtfully selected, and details precisely implemented for a final product that will last a lifetime.

A classic staple of H.W. Dog and Co.’s collection is the Baseball Cap. This minimalistic cap features the brand’s original wool blend, a full leather adjustable strap, and sweatband, as well as an H.W. Dog and Co. D logo. To the Japanese label, the word “Dog” represents a playful spirit; so although simple, this cap represents a certain essence of youthfulness and vibrance.


A bold representation of H.W. Dog and Co.’s high level of craftsmanship comes in the form of the Two-Tone Leather Cotton Cap. This cap once again features a leather adjustable strap and sweatband but also adorns a full leather brim. In addition, H.W. Dog and Co.’s “D” logo is embroidered into the front in a tasteful cursive font whilst “The Case for Being Reckless” is seen stitched into the back, once again embodying the brand’s playful spirit identity.


For when the weather gets cold, the Chain 40s Beanie is the perfect headpiece. This knitted wool beanie is influenced by a 1940s U.S. Navy Watch knit cap. Committed to staying true to traditional hat-making techniques, H.W. Dog and Co. dares to implement the same complex manufacturing process as the original. Furthermore, H.W. Dog and Co. branding is embroidered on the folded ribs using a vintage handle chain sewing machine.


For those who appreciate quality craftsmanship, durability, and attention to detail, H.W. Dog and Co. hats are the obvious choice. Since the brand’s establishment in 2015, it has long dedicated itself to superior quality, timeless designs, and traditional techniques.

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