JUICESTORE - Drop 3: CLOT's Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Collection
Drop 3: CLOT's Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Collection

Drop 3: CLOT's Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Collection

For this upcoming drop 3 of CLOT's Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Collection, the brand takes inspiration from the founder's DNA and cultural heritage, generations before them. Celebrating the triumphs and victories that have been had with the previous Chinese dynasties, in order to elevate and inspire this power for the current generation. Referencing mythical beasts and symbolisms important to the growth of Chinese culture and tradition, with motifs such as tigers, dragons, tai-chi and more - ladened atop more ready-to-wear classics, elevated cut-and-sew pieces and special favourites for the newest release.

Paving a new path for 2022, CLOT's creative director Edison Chen has sought to influence the newest generation of sleeper creatives to fend for themselves and succeed, through the brand's use of high-quality cut-and-sew apparel and innovative styles. The collection puts through the lens of CLOT, the importance of passing on culture and tradition to the upcoming generation as so many have done in Chinese culture with its long-standing civilisation and tradition. Also paying homage to the brand's previous collection aptly named "Dynasty" in 2010 further linking the idea of passing on the classic and traditional, to the youth.

The newest drop of this season's Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" collection, amasses a medly of high-quality graphics, special fabrics merged with amazing silhouettes, and traditional motifs all refreshed through the eyes of CLOT. Favourite pieces of this Drop 3 release include the; Dragon CLOT long-sleeved t-shirt adorned with a dragon emblem graphic that has strong ties in ancient cultures, as well as being a significant mythical being within the zodiacs; the Button Up Contrast Chinese Shirt, which features the classic Chinese aesthetic with traditional frog-buttons and thin, high-quality fabric; the Kung Fu Plaid Parka and Kung Fu Plaid Pants combo due to the pairings immense comfortability, style, and warmth, perfect for training during the coming autumn and winter season; the Chinese Tiger Shirt, which also features traditional Chinese frog-buttons but with a tiger motif inspired by the classic paintings of ancient China; finally the most notable piece in the release, the Soutien Collar Coat, with its immensly comfortable material and stunning textured fabric, the coat is bound to keep you stylish and warm during the cold months.

Take a look at drop 3 from CLOT's latest Fall/Winter 2021 "NEW DYNASTY" Collection now at JUICE locations worldwide and online at JUICESTORE.COM!