CLOT is excited to unveil its highly anticipated Spring Summer 2024 collection at Shanghai Fashion Week. Following the success of the CLOT20 RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION, this runway show marks a significant milestone for the brand as it enters a new chapter of creativity and innovation.

 With the theme "CHANGE THE GENERATION," the Spring Summer 2024 fashion show embodies CLOT's commitment to supporting emerging talents and showcasing the vibrant essence of Chinese culture and creativity on a global scale. To further enhance its creative vision, CLOT Founder and Creative Director Edison Chen has invited renowned fashion designer Humberto Leon as a creative consultant to co-design this new seasonal range. 

Set in the sprawling outdoor area of over 13,000 square feet at C·Park Haisu in Shanghai, the CLOT Spring Summer 2024 fashion show space is elevated by a stunning double-eaved architectural installation reminiscing a historic Chinese palace. Up-and-coming music producer MARSIX (Liu Jialiang) captivated guests with an incredible performance that seamlessly blended Eastern and Western influences. Using the traditional Chinese musical instrument, the pipa, in conjunction with modern Western electronic music, MARSIX presented a flawless blend of these two musical worlds, creating a uniquely hypnotic atmosphere. Edison Chen also invited emerging artist Bolin Li, from his art platform 3125C, to collaborate on the fashion show. Li, known for his expertise in traditional Chinese ink painting, filled the space with delicately decorated Chinese paper parasols and lanterns, adding an air of opulence and artistic finesse. This enchanting fusion of architectural grandeur, musical brilliance, and artistic splendor immerses guests in a breathtaking and unforgettable experience. 

The CLOT Spring Summer 2024 collection brings forth a myriad of boundary-pushing designs, venturing into uncharted territories with the brand's first-ever womenswear, in-house footwear, and handbag collections. Drawing inspiration from the extraordinary 20-year journey of the brand, the collection brings together elements from different eras, embracing the concept of East-West fusion to create a fresh and inspiring range of pieces that narrate a story of growth, innovation, and cherished heritage. 

Drawing inspiration from vintage martial arts films, the iconic Bruce Lee, and sporty aesthetics, the collection effortlessly combines relaxation and vibrancy in its overall silhouette, creating a visually captivating and energetic appeal. By incorporating recycled yarns, CLOT harmoniously blends modern materials with classic cotton, ensuring both practicality and comfort. The collection features graphic elements that are artfully incorporated using a diverse range of techniques, including spray paint, brush strokes, and intricate hand-drawn elements. Traditional Chinese everyday objects such as teapots and water buckets are transformed into creative designs, while floral and butterfly motifs are skillfully applied to T-shirts using air spray techniques, offering refreshing perspectives.

The color palettes for the CLOT Spring Summer 2024 collection, featuring shades of yellow, light purple, pink, and light blue, set a gentle tone perfect for the season, while contrasting military green and navy blue are intentionally incorporated to add depth and visual impact. In-house footwear follows a similar color scheme, paired with minimalist and versatile silhouettes suitable for every occasion. Leon's artistic imagination is particularly evident in the bag offerings. Invoking the 1970s, Chinese traditional elements are woven into the designs, topped with the designer’s love of whimsical style and vibrant colorways to deliver endless styling possibilities. 


Taking inspiration from its menswear line, CLOT's inaugural womenswear collection beautifully blends male and female aesthetics, reimagining proportions and masterfully integrating classic and traditional menswear elements to create distinctive results. Join Edison Chen and Humberto Leon on this exciting journey that explores the beauty of cultural diversity beyond borders.

In line with its commitment to promoting Chinese culture on the global stage, CLOT has worked with friends and esteemed international brands including sacai, 1017 ALYX 9SM, NEIGHBORHOOD, Tommy Hilfiger, The North Face, and LỰU ĐẠN, showcasing a series of collaborative designs on the Spring Summer 2024 runway. By skillfully blending diverse cultural elements, innovation, and tradition in its designs, CLOT has presented a unique fashion perspective to the world. This has not only strengthened the brand's international influence but also emphasized its dedication to pushing boundaries and reshaping the fashion industry.


Furthermore, keeping up with the theme of encouraging and fostering new talents, CLOT has handpicked four top Chinese designers and their brands to work with for the Spring Summer 2024 season. They include SANKUANZ, STAFFONLY, PRONOUNCE, and CAROLINE HU,each has earned global recognition with their unique aesthetics and innovative ideas, representing the creative force of China. With CLOT, they have created capsule collections that blend their unique visions with the brand's signature style, offering a fresh interpretation of its iconic prints and patterns such as Silk Royale and ALIENEGRA. Each designer's work is showcased alongside collaborative creations with global brands, exemplifying CLOT's commitment to encouraging East-West conversations and providing a platform and opportunities for young designers and creative talents.



In addition, CLOT is delighted to announce a new global partnership between Founder and Creative Director Edison Chen and adidas Originals, with its inaugural collection revealed on the CLOT Spring Summer 2024 runway. Celebrating a shared commitment to foster deeper East-West dialogue with thought-provoking designs, the adidas by Edison Chen collection explores three distinct styles, encompassing ultra lifestyle, formal dress, and active/streetwear that are designed to be explored individually or combined harmoniously. Highlights of the range include distinct takes on the iconic SUPERSTAR and GAZELLE models. This joint venture marks the beginning of a new era that will redefine creative innovation and cultural exchange, continuing to make a lasting impact on the global landscape. 


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