Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat Partner with MEDICOM TOY on the "Dentures/Keep Frozen, 1985" BE@RBRICK!

Andy Warhol & Jean-Michel Basquiat Partner with MEDICOM TOY on the "Dentures/Keep Frozen, 1985" BE@RBRICK!

MEDICOM TOY has always tapped into the history behind art, music and other creative industries, with many collaborations that have cemented the brand's status as one that celebrates creative culture. The collectible toy brand recently has collaborated with the likes of prolific creatives & cultural icons such as; Jackson Pollock, atmos, Steve Harrington, and even The Simpsons with the release of its "Maggie Simpson" collectable figurine in collaboration with Objective Collectibles. With collaborations popping up all the time, fans of the brand can always expect to have their thirst for creativity quenched with each release, and this one is no exception.

Introducing the newest BE@RBRICK that celebrates the life transcending relationship and collaboration between two world-renowned artists, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The artists together created a movement which paved the way for the future minorities who sought to pursue a creative path in life -  executed through the pair's out-spoken pieces stating racial, gender, and sexual discrimination that shook the '80s.

Developed in the mid '80s, the piece named Dentures/Keep Frozen, 1985 by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, marked the middle of the vibrant friendship between the two artists. Normally in each piece of the duo's collaboration, Andy Warhol would start the piece off with an appropriated Pop Art reference or a news headline placed atop a canvas using a projector placed overhead; Jean-Michel Basquiat would then add his own symbols and specialised imagery using his own well-known and renowned Neo-Expressionist art style. The piece is imprinted on MEDICOM TOY's signature collectable BE@RBRICK figurine, with moveable arms and legs. 

Dentures/Keep Frozen 1985, was made from scratch using a cardboard and placing both artists' own imagery into a collage using their own techniques of Warhol's silkscreen print and Basquiat's acrylic paint. The pair have together worked on more than 100 paintings, each taking turns, back and forth, adding their own style. The piece displays a pair of screen printed dentures as the centre piece, with other depictions of what seems to be newspaper advertisments for facial surgery; mixed with the obvious work of Basquiat which consisted of acrylic text paintings of "rubber furniture", "eastern europe", and of course the "keep frozen" typeface.

Check out the Dentures/Keep Frozen 1985 BE@RBRICK collectible in collaboration with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol with MEDICOM TOY below! Available now at JUICESTORE.COM!