Introducing a new capsule collection between the famed Nigo’s HUMAN MADE and Adidas originals. Nigo the mind behind the critically-acclaimed A Bathing Ape, although separating himself from BAPE since leaving in 2010, has still shown a somewhat similar design style in his new fashion-label HUMAN MADE. 

Playful representation is seen in the brand’s pieces similar to how the pieces were portrayed in his previous brand BAPE. Although the way in which the designs are executed is drastically different, focusing on a simplistic and vintage-esque style.  Nigo’s current design style clearly shows in this new capsule’s designs. Featuring three different pairs of shoes using three different colorways totaling to 9 different pairs, which include remakes of the famous Stan Smith, Campus and Rivalry Low shoes. The collection spotlights a love heart logo and a slogan that appears on each different shoe.

Of the three different pairs of shoes, the pair that stands out the most is the Rivalry Low, due to the vibrant and bold colors used. The colorways used seem to be an homage to Nigo’s previous brainchild, BAPE, and its in-house sneaker collection BAPESTA. Each colorway design is drastically different from the next on each shoe which gives people the impression that each piece is distinct and unique in its own right. The colorways include “Night Marine and Cloud White-Bold Aqua”, “Green and Cloud White” and finally “Sand and Cloud White”. 

The Stan Smiths feature the red heart logo is used instead of perforated holes on the upper of each design. The three small stripes above the HUMAN MADE heart logo to credit Adidas’ iconic striped logo. The Adidas name appears on the top of the tongue of each shoe, as well as “HUMAN MADE” and “DRY ALLS” appearing on the heel tabs. The Stan Smith triple combo comes in “White and Grey”, “Triple Black” and “White and Green”

The final selection in this capsule is the Campus 80s, adorned by the world-renowned and classic three stripes on the shoes in white. The HUMAN MADE slogan “GEARS FOR FUTURISTIC TEENAGERS” which has been persistent on a lot of the brand’s pieces, is written on the stripes of each shoe. The red heart logo and three stripes above it are placed on the heel tab of each pair. The colorways come in “Green”, “Grey” and “Blue” in suede material. 

Available at JUICE Causeway BayK11 Musea and